The University of the Arts Partnership

The University of the Arts has been a leader in design education for more than 130 years.

In 2010, DesignPhiladelphia began a partnership with UArts, bringing designers to the campus and the city, augmenting curriculum and exposing students to a broader range of topics and discussions.

“DesignPhiladelphia has become an essential component of design culture and community in the city,” says University of the Arts president Sean Buffington, who notes that the school has had a long history of involvement with DesignPhiladelphia. Former Industrial Design department chair Jamer Hunter was a co-founder alongside Hilary Jay, executive director of the initiative.

The partnership allows both entities to highlight the strengths and successes of the other.

“The University of the Arts is an incubator for the next generation of designers and innovators,” says Hilary Jay. “Students will have the power to contribute to society by making places distinctive and fascinating, enlightening and thrilling, productive and mobilized. And that is what DesignPhiladelphia is about at its core – celebrating the creative forces at work in this region and commending Greater Philadelphia as an incomparable place to live, work, play and grow. What a perfect fit.”

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