DesignPhiladelphia is a 10-day festival produced by the Center for Architecture and Design that happens every October.



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Inspiration and Ideas

By Erike De Veyra on May 02, 2019

Wow! Can’t believe it’s almost been a month since our roadshow, touring some of the popular neighborhoods in DesignPhiladelphia’s history.It was great to come out and meet folks new to DesignPhiladelphia, festival veterans and advocates. We went into this as a total experiment...Yes, to share information about the festival and how to get involved with DesignPhiladelphia. But it became more than that, it became a platform to share ideas—how can we spread the word of design and inspire its importance in our everyday life. It also became a space for our team to share our vision and... READ MORE

Submitting Your DesignPhiladelphia Event or Design Display

By Elizabeth Paul on May 02, 2019

 You’ve planned and organized, now it’s time to officially become a DesignPhiladelphia event partner. Submitting and paying for your event this year is easy with our online form – simply follow the steps below.NOTE: Open House submissions are not being accepted at this time. An announcement will be made when the dates for the Design Crawls have been selected.1. Visit: www.designphiladelphia.org2. Existing Event Partners: If you submitted an event last year, your credentials are still good, Click on Log In to submit the user name and password you created last year. If you forgot... READ MORE

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