ALL HANDS | DesignPhiladelphia



Friday, October 11, 2019
6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

338 Brown Street
Philadelphia, 19123


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Arts & Culture
Graphic Design

All Hands is a group show that gives some of the finest working graphic designers in Philadelphia the opportunity to shut down their computers and create work completely and only by hand. In fact, that is basically the only rule at All Hands. No computer or digital devices can be used in the making of the work. The other being those included to participate need to earn their living as working graphic designers. The no computer thing might seem like no big deal for many fine art shows, but as graphic designers, our work is almost fully realized and created using the tools and functionality of the computer. It has become an all-important, but all-consuming tool in our industry that only a few decades ago consisted of drafting tools like the pencil, T-square, X-acto blade and draw down type. This show will act as a catalyst to get these artists off the computer and working with their hands to create work. The output can be absolutely anything from ceramics to oil painting to weavings to a chair. Whatever each artist is inspired by at this moment will be the medium. It will create a diverse and eclectic mix of work and approach from people that spend their days practicing the same craft with the same tools. Beyond providing an outlet for working designers to create in a textural and tangible way, All Hands will also provide an opportunity for people to afford to purchase original, local artwork. The cap on cost for all pieces will be $200 (final cost determined by the artist) and all proceeds will be donated directly to ArtWell to help connect more Philadelphia kids to the arts and their own creativity.   When together in the same room, the work will represent a wide range of esthetics, tastes, mediums and undoubted reference to our craft of design while being unified in its creation. All created by hands. Designers: Sam Cush / JP Flexner / Dan Gneiding / Tim Gough / Caleb Heisey / Brian Jacobson / Jessie Jay / Ryan Katrina / Daniel Kent / Austin Lotz / Paige Pentland / Jason Rothman / Danni Sinisi / Mike Smith / Vic Steinman / Nick Vicente Curated by: Jason Rothman