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Best in Emerging Design Entry Form


Please have the following items prepared and ready for upload prior to beginning your entry form. There is not a save option available for this submission so once you begin the form you must complete it or otherwise you will lose your work.

  1. Entry title and concept tagline
  2. Narrative describing your design problem, process, and solution (500 words max)
  3. *3-4 images of your design, including photos, sketches, renderings and/or drawings 
  4. Team/Company Bio (200 words max)
  5. Team/Company logo (if applicable) in .eps file
  6. *Team/Company member headshots
  7. *Headshots + Bio of your company (200 words max) and team members (each bio, 100 words max

*Only .PNG, .JPG, or .TIFF files are accpetable, each file limited to 2MB, Please review filename nomenclature in entry form directions.

Please use the below questions as a guide for your design solution. Each design does not necessarily need to embody each of these values, rather these categories reflect global principles of good design.

  • Ease of use: How well does your product demonstrate an understanding of the user and their needs? How intuitive is it to use?
  • Universal design: Is your product useful and marketable for people with diverse abilities? Does your design accommodate a wide range of individual preferences and skill levels?
  • Quality/aesthetics: In what ways does your product appeal to the senses?
  • Scalability: How does your product have the ability to grow your business?
  • Sustainability: How do the materials and manufacturing process you use for this design work to reduce a negative impact on the environment?


  1. Application of global principles of good design 
  2. Evidence of applied research and process 
  3. Originality and creativity of concept
  4. Construction and organization (craft of submission)
    • Quality of graphics at submission
    • Craftsmanship of final installation at exhibit floor upon finalist selection
  5. Ability to be reproduced (i.e. material source, production costs, etc.)

If your team has any administrative questions about the competition, please contact Erike De Veyra, at



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