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A City Scape of Style + Sustainability

A City Scape of Style + Sustainability

October 6-17, 2021
12:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Cherry Street Pier
121 N Christopher Columbus Blvd
Philadelphia, 19106


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Industrial and Product Design

A City Scape of Style + Sustainability

The Brickworks' Style + Sustainability exhibit encourages visitors to voyage through a stimulating cityscape designed with brickwork. These pillars present a wide range of brick colors and textures perfectly representing the city of Philadelphia with old and new brick vibes. Upon a closer look within the exhibit, the eight sustainability benefits of brick will emerge.


Glen-Gery, a brand of Brickworks, has over 130 years of manufacturing experience. Glen-Gery is transforming the humble brick into a versatile and creative design material.  With style combined with form and function and an extensive range of colors, shapes and textures,  you can opt for a modern and contemporary or elegant and classic design. It’s your choice with our brick. With individuality and design, the new generation of brick design and manufacturing means you can take advantage of its unrivaled strength and natural character while creating a look that’s more versatile than ever before.