#DPKidsFest at Smith Playground

Saturday, October 6, 2018
11:00 AM - 02:00 PM

Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse
3500 Reservoir Drive
East Fairmount Park
Philadelphia, 19121


Presented By

Arts & Culture
K-12 Education

Sticklets at DesignPhiladelphia 2015

NEW! The DesignPhiladelphia KidsFest brings architecture and design to our youngest visitors with fun and creative activities at various locations around the City. #DPKidsFest

At Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse we welcome children and families, both new comers and veteran visitors, to be part of the design process by re-imagining and sharing ideas for upcoming changes to the Playhouse. From crayons to color paper, blocks and recycled material, we want to see our young designers excited about the built environment. Maybe next time you visit, you’ll find your idea of a swirly, whirly orange slide came true!

WAIT. THERE’S MORE… Join us out on the lawn to play human architecture and construction games. Is there such a thing as a human dome? What's more structurally sound, marshmallow or tape connections? How high can a sponge skycraper go? Find out, rain or shine!

Free parking available on-site, and accessible by public transportation.