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Designing organizations: Human-centered design as a tool for organizational innovation

  • Econsult Solutions 1435 Walnut Street, 4th Floor Philadelphia, PA, 19102 United States (map)
 Econsult Solutions

Econsult Solutions

This event is organized and presented by Econsult Solutions, Inc.

Submitted to the pressures of their constantly changing environment, organizations are left with the hard task of having to adapt rapidly. Agility and innovation have become priorities across organizations of all kinds who now turn to design thinking as a tool to unlock organizational change. With its multi-stepped approach to solving complex problems, the design thinking process is a helpful lens to understand organizational development. In addition to being a catalyst for creativity and integrative approaches, design thinking challenges employees to be self-reflective in the ways that they cultivate meaningful connections to customers.

How can an organization use the design thinking framework to not only generate innovative ideas but change the organizational culture at large? How is design thinking currently being used by organizations? How can you create a collaborative problem-solving culture within your organization?

Come with an example of one of your own organizational challenges, and be prepared to test out 1 or 2 of these ideas. Learn from creative problem solvers how to apply design thinking techniques to organizational challenges. 

Moderated by Natalie Nixon, design strategist and head of Figure 8 Thinking, and presented in partnership with Econsult Solutions.