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Visit the Pop Up Shop!

DesignPhiladelphia is taking over the AIA Bookstore and filing it with local goods from local designers, many of which are involved in this year's festival. Be sure to stop by and pick something out from the new collection of good so you'll remember Lucky 13 for years to come.


Featured Products


Terrariums by Jonathan Alden Co.

Jonathan Alden wood products are part of a tradition that began with the landing of the Mayflower in 1620. John Alden, the Mayflower’s carpenter, a cooper (barrel maker) by training, became America’s first resident woodworker. His handmade furniture and buildings became homesteads for some of the earliest European settlers. Read more.

Philly Prints by local artists

PhillyRow Rowhouse Prints - PhillyRow is a collaboration between three Temple University professors at Tyler School of Art. Read more.

Natalie Hope McDonald Skyline Color Me Print - Natalie Hope McDonald is a freelance writer, editor and artist based in Philadelphia with more than 25 years of experience in the publishing industry. Read more

Hog Island Press Center City and South Philly Map Prints - a Pennsylvania design studio & print shop that sells handscreened t-shirts, maps and some other stuff. Stay rad, viva la print! Read more.


Paul Carpenter Art

Paul Carpenter is a Philadelphia based multi-disciplinary visual artist, concentrating on graphic design, Illustration, printmaking, and painting.  Living on the blurred edge where these mediums meet and mingle, most work implements layering of fundamental elements from each of these concentrations. Read more.


VIVO walls

VIVO walls are beautifully designed plant growing systems ideal for Urban gardeners with little space. Handmade in Philadelphia from recycled glass, steel and raw wood. VIVO walls are a great way to grow plants hydroponically or traditionally inside your home. Read more.


Onward Wander

Onward Wander Studio is a design space and collection of handmade goods, created by yours truly (Lauren Coyle). I love collaborating with small businesses and individuals, who believe in the importance of design and how it can be an effective outlet for communication and sense of identity. Telling your story through art and design is a powerful way to connect your vision with others. Read more.



EDMM stands for Een Draght Mackt Maght which means “pulling together makes us strong”. 

When my wife and I first moved to Brooklyn, we discovered this, the borough motto.  It felt emblematic of our shared outlook and our new life together.  It speaks to making each other better, to making our future better.  In the same way, my mission is to create things that will make your life better.

EDMM studio makes modern furniture and housewares in Philadelphia, by hand, one at a time. Read more.