In the Folds: Reimagining the Center for Architecture and Design | DesignPhiladelphia

In the Folds: Reimagining the Center for Architecture and Design

In the Folds: Reimagining the Center for Architecture and Design

October 7-18, 2020
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM


Presented By SISU Architecture, Laura Cruciani and Rodrigo Alonso

Interior / Furniture Design

Responding to the 2020 DesignPhiladelphia Call for Emerging Designers to reimagine the Center for Architecture and Design, Laura Cruciani and Rodrigo Alonso created a stunning and creative design for a new interior for the home of DesignPhiladelphia, the Center for Architecture and Design.

Cruciani and Alonso explain, "We based this design on three principles: space optimization, safety, and flexibility. To make the most of the space, we were inspired by the growth of  the human brain. To overcome the limitations imposed by the skull, the developing brain grows deep folds,  increasing its surface area exponentially to allow room for more neurons for higher function. We emulated these folds in the design of the office space and exhibition areas in order to increase their area—while simultaneously enabling us to create appealing separations that could act as either physical barriers to keep users socially distanced or visual cues to the same effect."

Laura Cruciani earned her combined Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Architecture in Buenos Aires,  Argentina (where her family is from). There she met her partner, Rodrigo Alonso. Her experience studying, working and building a business overseas has given her the benefit of a broadened world view and a fresh perspective. She's worked at various architectural firms as a project designer and manager. During her time abroad, she oversaw new projects and remodels (from conception to completion) in the residential, commercial and food-service sectors.  Additionally, she spent one year working on-site as the construction production manager of the expansion to the regional Bionuclear Medicine Oncology Center in Patagonia, Argentina. She currently works as a project designer in the food service industry for XC Studio here in Philadelphia.

Laura is a creative problem solver and has been passionate about spatial design since she was a child. In her spare time, she works with her partner on remodeling their future home. She enjoys making furniture and finding creative ways to exploit small spaces to expose their maximum potential.

Rodrigo was born in Patagonia, Argentina, and obtained his combined Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Architecture in 2014 in Buenos Aires.

He returned to the south and worked over the next five years on designing residential homes and buildings, as well as managing and supervising on-site projects, including expansion of the regional Bionuclear Medicine Oncology Center. Working in Patagonia helped him further advance his creativity and growth as an architect. He incorporated the materials that were available in the area and learned how to deal with and incorporate the harsh environmental conditions into his designs. He and his partner, Laura Cruciani, started a firm together where they specialized in residential and commercial architecture.

Rodrigo is currently remodeling his own 1925 home in Brewerytown, Philadelphia, as he and Laura anxiously await the arrival or their first child in November.

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