JeffSolves MedTech Medical Device Incubator Pitches 2021 | DesignPhiladelphia

JeffSolves MedTech Medical Device Incubator Pitches 2021

JeffSolves MedTech Medical Device Incubator Pitches 2021

Wednesday, October 13, 2021
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM



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Industrial and Product Design

The Next Generation of Medical Technology

You are invited to watch the launch of the newest products to come out of JeffSolves MedTech, as four multidisciplinary teams present their medical design innovations. For the past year, these 19 medicine and industrial design students from Thomas Jefferson University have worked together, conducting in-depth user research and problem identification within Jefferson Health and translating those insights into commercializable innovations via an intensive product development immersion with experts from Thomas Jefferson University, Jefferson Health, Bresslergroup and Savvy Cooperative.


Conpono Collar

  • Jennifer Hegelein, Industrial Design graduate student
  • Nia Robinson, Industrial Design undergraduate student
  • Emily Marshall, Medical student
  • Eshika Agarwal, Medical student


  • Gigi Geary, Industrial Design graduate student
  • Jane Won, Industrial Design undergraduate student
  • Anusha Koka, Medical student
  • Kathryn "Katie" Bormes, Medical student
  • Zane Gouda, Medical student


  • Aaron Anderson, Industrial Design graduate student
  • Emily Furstenberg, Medical student
  • Hannah Anderson, Medical student
  • Linda "Blake" Rivas, Medical student
  • Sara Belko, Medical student


  • Justin Horst, Industrial Design graduate stuydent
  • Fletcher Viders, Medical student
  • Jenna Mandel, Medical student
  • Joseph Paladino, Medical student
  • Kayla Brockmeyer, Medical student

JeffSolves MedTech is a design and development collaboration between Thomas Jefferson University and Bresslergroup.