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Opening Reception: Designing a Learning City

Opening Reception: Designing a Learning City

Thursday, October 13, 2022
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Cherry Street Pier
121 Columbus Blvd
Philadelphia, 19106


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Graphic from October 2019 Brookings Institution

Join us for a cocktail reception celebrating the opening of the Designing a Learning City Exhibition. Remarks from the the team behind the studies and the exhibition design. About the Designing a Learning City Exhibition: Children spend only 20% of their waking time in school, and learning today occurs in and out of the classroom. What are we doing with the other 80%? Let’s reimagine our cities and public spaces as playful learning opportunities for all learners. By infusing our cities with playful learning opportunities, we can enhance children’s cognitive and social development, better preparing them for success in the 21st-century. This exhibit is built upon the research supported by William Penn Foundation exploring Philadelphia’s Playful Learning Landscapes Initiative. A joint project of Temple University’s Infant and Child Laboratory and the Brookings Institution, Playful Learning Landscapes is a broad umbrella initiative that marries community involvement and learning sciences with placemaking in order to design carefully curated playful experiences in everyday spaces. As it focuses on learning outcomes, particularly for children and families from under-resourced communities, Playful Learning Landscapes offers a new way to involve families in the kinds of experiences that enrich relationships and enhance children’s development. The question for designers is: How do you incorporate these learning opportunities into spaces that are not inherently designed for children?