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RE//Imagine What Retreat Means

RE//Imagine What Retreat Means

October 6-17, 2021
12:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Cherry Street Pier
121 N Christopher Columbus Blvd
Philadelphia, 19106


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Interior / Furniture Design
Multi-disciplinary Design

RE//treat, RE//imagine, RE//coup, RE//charge, RE//set We understand that humans have an innate desire to seek shelter and protection. Safe havens are also sought out inside built environments. In this installation, we explore how to provide people in public settings with the shelter they crave. Beyond a tangible structure, our installation offers intangible, immersive sensory experiences. The Work Tent plays with light, form, and textures to provide diverse settings that challenge what it means to retreat. This intriguing installation will draw people in through the use of nature and light; then engage the users by balancing privacy and interaction.