*SENSORY DESIGN - Nick Kacic Miosic Sculpture | DesignPhiladelphia

*SENSORY DESIGN - Nick Kacic Miosic Sculpture

Saturday, October 6, 2018
06:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Friday, October 12, 2018
06:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Tommi Mischell - K Gallery Art & Design
120N 3rd Street
Philadelphia, 19106


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Nick Kacic Miosic-Sculpture My Beautiful Singer II Media Bronze

Tommi Mischell - K Gallery Art & Design

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120N 3rd Street Philadelphia PA /19106


e-mail: tommimischell@gmail.com


For immediate release:

K gallery Art & Design present work by sculpture Nick Kacic -Miosic as part of the Philadelphia Design District’s Sensory Design exhibit @ Design Philadelphia.

A private Opening reception will be held Saturday, October 6th 6pm-9pm at 120n 3rd street Philadelphia PA/19106.

RSVP required: tommimischell@gmail.com

The exhibition will be curated by Tommi Mischell multidisciplinary artist, designer one of the founder of K Gallery Art & Design. The exhibit will feature Kacic-Miosic sculptures from the serial of sculptures “My beautiful Singer “ and “Blue whisper”.

Special event “Meet and greet with the artist “ will take place Saturday, October 12th from 6pm-9pm.

Nick Kacic- Miosic (1960) is a Croatian- American sculptor coming from 7 generations Croatian noble family Kacic- Miosic, dating from the 13th-century tradition of sculptors in stone media. His work is exquisite because of the juxtaposition of two elements, the train of thought in which his ideas arrive and reflect in his marble and limestone pieces that like liquid emotion stuck in every caving and craves completing an emotional impact emanating passion. In some ways, he had evolved on the longtime stagnant cubist style which has not been embellished on since the time of Archepinko, Henry – Laurens, Picasso. Nick studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art.

He holds an international recognition and had many exhibits in Philadelphia, New York, Paris, London Biennale, Strasbourg. Two of the Nicks sculptures are at permanent exhibition at Museum Sheik Al Zayed in the city of Kairo-Egypt. Nick artwork was reviewed by Neli Rakowsky (former lecturer at Museum St. Petersburg Moskva and lecturer at Metropolitan Museum New York ) and future in Art In America:”Nick Kacic is a hereditary sculptor, working straight in marble with no preliminary clay modeling or puncturing. He possesses a rather strong personality for not just guard ancient tradition at the time when in the art almost nothing left from it but strengthens it with an injection of the harsh attitude and sufficient deformation which leads away from just reproduction of the ancient harmony.”

It is a pleasure to announce that Nick's work will be featured at Salon de Automne -Paris in October 2018. www.nickkacicmiosic.com

It is an honor to be a member of the Philadelphia Design District home of extraordinary people, artist, designers and visionary. philadelphiadesigndistrict.com