Urban Shelter | Installation Assembly | DesignPhiladelphia

Urban Shelter | Installation Assembly

Urban Shelter | Installation Assembly

Sunday, October 13, 2019
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Cherry Street Pier
121 N Christopher Columbus Blvd
Philadelphia, 19106


Installation by

Landscape Architect
Product Manufacturer

Newton Brown Urban Design wants to make the world a greener place by integrating and bringing solar to new heights of technological innovation, and delivering all kind of sustainable solutions in Street & Site Furnishings for public spaces while providing elegant options for a better energy and environmental future in Urban Design and City Planning. Local government can lead the way to a sustainable future by setting a highly visible example for renewable energy in their communities. During Designweek Philadelphia 2019 we will showcase the basics of solar energy in a hands-on and engaging manner by inviting you to witness the solar tracking movements of the SmartFlower Solar and the power and unique use of the Smart Solar Bench Stellar. Our goal is to involve governance and communities to create and modify their sustainable environment better. Another unique project, the Urban Shelter, will be one of the highlights for us to reveal during Designweek Philadelphia 2019. Any business or governmental organization doing its part to move toward a clean energy future should be proud to demonstrate that commitment. Newton Brown Urban Design is a MBE Certified company and based in New York, NY with also a satellite office in New Jersey. We supply standard and custom items and deliver nationwide projects. We think Global and Act local.

For this event, all of the DesignPhiladelphia 2019 event partners have been encouraged to contribute to the Urban Shelter with a slat of wood to be assembled and seen as "time capsule" of our design community in DesignPhiladelphia's fifteenth year of existence and gift to the city.